Yoga is all about connecting your soul with the body, which gives you a sense of internal peace. In addition to this benefit, there are certain physiological, psychological and health benefits which can be enjoyed while learning yoga. These include:

a) Keeping you fit

Yoga not only helps you stay physically fit, but keeps you mentally fit as well. It relaxes both your body muscles and your mind.

b) Weight loss

If you don’t have enough time to hit the gym for reducing your weight, all you need to do is to spare some time at home for yourself. There are certain yoga postures including Surya Namaskar which aim to reduce your weight in an effective manner.

c) Height increase

Every person wants to look attractive by having an impressive height. Various yoga postures like Bhujangasana, Padmasana help you in gaining height. People believe that height stops increasing after a certain age. But it is not so. If you continue doing yoga on a serious note, you will be able to achieve the desired results.

d) Relaxation

With the help of breathing techniques, yoga helps you in staying calm and relaxed. It helps you to live in a peaceful manner by de-toxing the body.

e) Harmony among relationships

By learning yoga, your relationship with your family, partner and friends is improved in a certain manner. As you turn out to be a calm person, everybody loves to talk to you and share their feelings.

f) Improved immunity

Yoga increases your resistance and immunity to fight against various diseases. Yoga helps in strengthening of the muscles. If your mind is healthy, your body will definitely be healthy.



g) Boosts energy

If you feel exhausted because of your professional life, yoga proves out to be a remedy. All you have to do is to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes, which will leave you with the same energy and enthusiasm, which you had in the early morning.

h) Flexibility

Yoga involves various postures which make your body flexible and provide you with a better posture. This further helps you in avoiding spinal problems including spinal stenosis.

i) Avoids over thinking

In reality, we think too much by worrying about our past and future. However, our present remains neglected. With the help of yoga, our soul is attached to our body, which makes us feel more contented and focused towards our present. This creates a sense of awareness in us regarding our present.

j) Improves sleep

Yoga helps in providing a better and comfortable sleep. As you are free from worries, stress and anxiety, it gives you a peaceful mind and a sound sleep.

k) Glowing skin

Everybody wants to look beautiful naturally. If you do yoga postures religiously, you will be gifted with an amazing glow on skin.

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Millions upon millions of people make their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and to improve their lives overall, but few end up following through. Part of the reason many fail is that they simply don’t know how to succeed. This is where yoga can really pay off tremendously for your lifestyle. Practiced by the ancient Indians and still one of the most effective forms of exercise in 2014, yoga can transform your physical body while also providing many mental benefits.

More Flexible and Fit

For the physical side of the equation, you’re looking at a form of exercise that’s going to make you a lot more flexible and fit. Energy begets energy; it’s simple physics. And thus the more active you are, the more energy you’ll have. With yoga, you’ll experience, a more flexible body, stronger joints, a sleeker waistline, and the ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Stronger, Denser Bones

Aging scares everyone who stops and thinks about it, partly because there are no topical creams or procedures to be applied to your skeletal structure. Yoga helps to fight against bone loss by building stronger, denser bones. Along with improved muscle mass and better muscle tone, the bones also grow and thrive with regular yoga.

Healthier Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure puts you at a much greater risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Changing your diet often isn’t enough, particularly if you’re behind the genetic 8-ball. However, studies conducted on yoga practitioners show that those who implement yoga have lower blood pressure numbers than those who walk, lift weights, etc. Because yoga taps into the mental as well as the physical, it works in multiple ways to keep your body healthy and balanced.

If you’re in the area and looking for exciting yoga classes Perth gurus consider one of the best, then this might be exactly what you need to live a leaner, healthier lifestyle. With the help of Charleyoga, you can fight depression and anxiety, lose and maintain your weight, and also help to fight Father Time’s effects on the body.

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to find the time for a thorough workout, even though most people would love to drop a few extra pounds. By adjusting one’s daily routine and integrating some small changes, he or she can get a firmer, leaner body.

There is no need to pay for expensive gym memberships. Besides, who has the time? Doing things such as parking farther away from one’s destination and walking, or choosing to take the stairs rather than the lift can really add up to

Not everyone has the luxury of enough time for regular gym workouts. However, one can utilize simple changes to strengthen the body and burn those unwanted calories while at home or work. For instance, parking in a place that requires a longer walk to a given destination can burn extra calories. Take the stairs instead of the lift and walk or bike to work.

Break the Day into Mini-Workouts

Your time at the office can be broken up into mini-workout sessions. Walk around whenever possible. Take a longer walk during lunch. Do a few pushups or sit-ups behind closed doors. You’ll be surprised by how quickly this pays off with a leaner body.

It is easy to pick up an inexpensive exercise bike or treadmill to work out with while you watch TV. Add some hand weights to increase the benefits. You need never feel guilty about watching TV again.

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With such emotional and physical benefits that have ben proven to boost mood, well-being and health, massage is a great way to achieve a balance in life. Come get a Remedial Massage in Melbourne here at City Osteopathy, where our qualified team can help relieve your chronic pain and improve your sleep through the art of massage and Pilates.

Get Rid of Your Pain

Living with pain in your back or neck, or suffer from a sports injury? Massage can help you feel better in ways that are similar to the effects of acupuncture, exercise and medication. Even those who get frequent migraines and tension headaches can get relief through massage and other methods like Pilates.

Massage can Help with Depression and Anxiety

Those who suffer from depression and anxiety can get relief by having a regular massage. Why? There are a couple theories. Some think the brain receives a signal that promotes tranquility through deep muscle relaxation, helping to fend off tendencies of depression and anxiety. Others believe getting a massage boosts oxytocin levels in your body, leading to increased feelings of well-being.

Get Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation sufferers: get some relief with massage. Backed by studies that show massage can restore restful sleep patterns, you can rest easy at night knowing you’re doing all you can to catch more ZZZZs. When you experience the relaxation that comes with massage, the brain releases a “happy” chemical called serotonin that helps you feel more calm, more at ease and less stressed.

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